The Limits of Willpower and What it Means for Investors

This week on the podcast we tackle the evidence for and against willpower and free will and discuss the following:

  • Would you have helped Anne Frank if you had been alive during Nazi occupation?
  • Why do people who drive Audis make such poor spouses?
  • What causes willpower to be depleted?
  • What should our understanding of the limits of willpower mean for the way that we manage money?

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5 Tips for Overcoming Overconfidence Bias

One of the strange paradoxes of human psychology is that our tendency to be overconfident has both helpful and harmful aspects. After all, starting a restaurant or a small business both have low odds of success, but we are awfully glad that overconfident dreamers do it anyway! But while overconfidence may help us get out of the bed in the morning or encourage us to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, its impact on investment decisions is unfailingly negative. Today on the podcast, tune in to hear five concrete ways to beat overconfidence en route to having a more fulfilling life.

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You Will Never Change Minds on Social Media

In this week's podcast, we look at the science of belief and why bad ideas are so resistant to change. If you've ever had the experience of arguing with a friend on Facebook, only to see them double down on an irrational belief after being presented with contrary facts, this episode is for you. We also discuss how this reluctance to change our thinking can lead to poor investment decisions and suggest some simple (but not easy) ideas for change.

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Thousand Dollar Pineapples, Fifty Dollar Used Oven Mitts and Why You Hate Things That Are on Sale

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Daniel Crosby