Three Easy Ways to Learn More About Behavioral Finance

I am what can only be called an evangelist when it comes to the importance of making the sometimes Ivory Tower concepts of behavioral finance more applicable in daily life. Simplifying complex psychological concepts is my professional purpose and I'm lucky to get to do something that I love (and that's so important) for a living. This year has been full of opportunities to live out this purpose and I wanted to make you aware of three simple ways that I have sought to educate advisors and investors in 2018:

1. On Your Best Behavior (video series) - OYBB is a collaboration between myself, Brinker Capital and InvestmentNews. We've created 40 (yes, FORTY) short, funny videos that highlight behavioral concepts in a quirky manner that makes them easy to digest. They are perfect for sharing with clients who might otherwise find such discussions tedious. You can watch the first ten episodes HERE.

2. Money, Mind and Meaning (podcast) - Not content to just consume podcasts (which I do, voraciously), I've decided to start my own, focused on the three things I love the most. Money, Mind and Meaning is an exploration of everything from cognitive bias to financial decision-making to the human condition more broadly. It has been enormously well received and well reviewed and I'd like to invite you to join the conversation HERE or HERE (if you're not an Apple fan).

3. Behavioral Finance Certificate Program (online CE course) - I have partnered with Greene Consulting and Keith van Etten to put the "applied" in applied behavioral finance. In this course, worth 15.5 CE credits (!!!), you will learn about a practical framework for applying behavioral coaching concepts. You can use the link HERE to request a demo and get a flavor for the style of the course. If BeFi is your thing, I think you'll enjoy this streamlined means of completing your continuing education requirements.

As a final announcement, I'll be spending the summer in Canada, partnering with ATB Financial to help bring the power of behavioral finance to our neighbors to the north. My family and I are excited about the change of scenery and the opportunity to work with such a fantastic organization. It is a real privilege to get paid to do work that is both intellectually stimulating and that positively impacts the world. To all who have watched my videos, bought my courses, read my books or listened to me speak, you have my sincere thanks.


Daniel Crosby, Ph.D.