The Big List of Behavioral Finance and Behavioral Economics Degrees


Carnegie Mellon Center for Behavioral and Decision Research 

Claremont University - PhD in Economics w/ Behavioral Emphasis 

Cornell - Masters of Applied Behavioral Economics 

Duke - PhD in Decision Sciences  

Georgetown - Behavioral Research Laboratory 

Johns Hopkins - PhD in Social and Behavioral Sciences

MIT - Masters and PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences

NYU - Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Decision Making

Ohio State - PhD in Decision Psychology

University of Arizona - Institute for Behavioral Economics

University of Chicago - PhD in Behavioral Science 

UCSD - Rady Behavioral Lab 

UC Santa Barbara - Experimental and Behavioral Economics Laboratory  

University of Kansas - PhD in Applied Behavior 

University of Oregon - Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences 

USC - Los Angeles Behavioral Economics Laboratory 


University of Gothenburg - PhD in Behavioral Economics


National University of Singapore - PhD in Decision Sciences


Norwegian School of Economics - Choice Lab 


Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Center for the Study of Rationality 


University of Trento - PhD in Economics (Behavioral Finance emphasis) 


University of Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne - MS in Economics and Psychology 


University of Vienna - Vienna Center for Experimental Economics 


Monash University - Behavioral Lab 


University of Konstanz - PhD in Decision Sciences 

Friedrich-Schiller University - Human Behavior and Social and Economic Change 


Erasmus University Rotterdam - MS in Behavioral Economics  

Leiden University - MS in Economic and Consumer Psychology

University of Amsterdam - MS in Economics w/ Behavioral Emphasis 


City University London - MSc in Behavioral Economics 

Goldsmiths College - MSC in Consumer Behavior 

London School of Economics - Executive MSc in Behavioral Economics  

University of East Anglia - MSc in Behavioral Economics 

University of Essex - MSc in Behavioral Economics

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